Kid Fit 101

Through a variety of research-proven activities, our customized programs create a learning environment that allows each student to interact, problem solve and explore at their own speed. Though it just feels like fun, our activities are engineered to help kids develop a range of lifelong-learning skills. Our programs not only provide the best learning experience in health education but it also helps them learn educational concepts related to art, math, and science.

Skills learned from our programs…


Team Building


Problem Solving




Motor Skill Development

Meet Our Instructors

Using the 3 Ps—Positivity, Patience, and Passion—our instructors strive to help children develop a healthy and positive association with fitness and exercise. Establishing these attributes during the formative years builds a foundation that has a lasting impact on children’s lives.


Justin Nguyen

Coach Justin Nguyen has been coaching, mentoring, and educating youth for over 10 years. Not only does he possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in the area of sports and skills development, but he is also passionate about helping his players develop into respectful, responsible young men and women. Coach Justin takes his roles as coach, skills development specialist, and mentor very seriously and brings a great deal of enthusiasm to his craft.


Russell Moore

Since 2001, Coach Russell Moore has worked with youth in areas of sports and martial arts. He is the owner of Kuk Sool Won DC and trains youth aged 6–18 in martial arts and sports conditioning. Coach Russell is also passionate about teaching youth fitness and runs our Speed Dash and Youth Cross Fit program. His training approach is designed to make a lifelong impact on developing not only better athletes but better people.


Cory Morgan

Cory Morgan is a cutting-edge fitness advocate leader, whether working with children or adults of any age. To this end, he has created a multidisciplined lifestyle conglomerate, a first in its category that focuses on every phase of the lifestyle process, including physical fitness and nutritional solutions. Cory brings an innovative and effective approach to fitness that helps the entire family create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Lilly Gibbons

Lilly Gibbons is dedicated to ensuring that children and teens have access to learning the necessary life skill of cooking. She is the owner of Fun with Food Parties, a small-scale catering and children’s cooking school. Lilly is devoted to teaching kids how to create healthy meals in an era of fast food and childhood obesity. Entrepreneurial skills, mentoring, and educational ventures have marked each step of her career and community contributions.


Scott Saffron

Scott Saffron studied at the University of Maryland, where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education. Scott is extremely passionate about teaching health and physical education. Before becoming a certified PE instructor, Scott was an instructional specialist with the Office of School Wellness developing lesson plans and supporting physical education teachers throughout Maryland, DC, and Virginia.


Stephanie Connell

Stephanie Connell is a multifaceted hoop artist and mother of two. She has dedicated her life to creative expression in its many forms. Along with being a performance artist, she is a Hula-Hoop instructor for kids and runs weekly classes through her business, Yamni Arts. Stephanie’s ultimate goal is to introduce people of all ages, genders, and body types to hooping and spread the joy it has brought into her own personal life.


Cherokee Bailey

With over ten years of experience in helping individuals improve their health, Cherokee is an important part of the Nu-You team. She developed a passion for fitness by participating in gymnastics and dancing. As her passion for health and sports developed, Cherokee obtained her degree in Exercise Science. She is now a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and holds credentials as a youth exercise specialist.


Micheal Hixon

Micheal’s passion for and dedication to sports and fitness began at a young age. In his youth, Micheal participated in elite youth basketball through high school, where he grew to love an active lifestyle. Over the years, he has become an avid sports coach and fitness expert with a broad knowledge of nutrition and physical education.